Positive Infinity

Chip Resources
RetroZone IconRetroZone - Absolutely perfect place to get all NES development hardware. If you're a NES developer or just an avid gamer this is the place for you! NO CARRIER IconNO CARRIER - This chip artist is also a developer of great NES apps that can be used for live performance visuals.
Kitsch-Bent IconKitsch-Bent - Good for repairs to the NES. Including 72pin replacements, and some custom buttons. NTRQ IconNTRQ - Native NES music tracker application by Neil Baldwin. He also has a few other custom apps as well - all worth using!
FamiTracker IconFamiTracker - Wonderful tracking program. Prefect for making NES music and then playing it back on real hardware via NSF.
Retrogate IconRetrogate - This store's got what you need! Great place to get Genesis EverDrive carts! RetroZone IconRetroZone - They've got a great USB converter for an original SEGA Genesis controller.
Shiru IconShiru - Great place to get trackers/converters for Genesis and other chip realted software.
Kitsch-Bent IconKitsch-Bent - Great selection of custom stuff for your Game Boy. Good place to get carts and modding hardware. Nonfinite IconNonfinite Electronics - Good shop for getting modded Game Boys. They also have carts and accessories.
ThretrisThretris - Beautiful aesthetic console mods. This guy knows how to paint up a DMG-01! LSDJ IconLSDJ - Native Game Boy music tracker, by Johan Kotlinski. It dominates in the realm of control and interface - it is the best!
ROM Hacking IconROM Hacking - Amazing site for obtaining tools to hack ROMs for any system - as well as ROMs that have been hacked.