Positive Infinity

About - General
A collaborative group of musicians from Miami, Florida and beyond. We make music that could be analyzed, classified, and filed under various musical genres; if you're into that sort of thing. The core members, brothers David and Jonathan Roberts, founded the group in late 2005. We have collaborated with various local and not-so-local artists in our studio since we began this endeavor, and the results have been fantastic. We've included jazz and classical musicians in our lineup and other artists that have given us a more digital sway. We often dabble in arrangements that are experimental with a mixture of musical elements, but we never stray too far from the conventional (whatever that means.) We create songs that are focused on the feel of the music and the aesthetic appeal of complex writing, rigging, and programming – almost always devoid of vocals, and sometimes teetering on the precipice overlooking avant-garde. And for you genre hounds out there, we are best defined as: progressive, electronic, instrumental.
As expression, worship, or art for art's sake. We take what we find to be engaging and musical and smash it all together at high speed – like a large Hadron Collider – but instead of hadrons, we let creativity collide, giving birth to art. This includes some of our own interests that might seem non-music-related, like video games or oil painting – but it all ties together. And by no means are we claiming to be "it", or wholly original – no, no that's impossible. In fact, we'd rather you not think of us every time you listen to our music; just listen. Let the music speak to you and move you in whatever way you allow. Nostalgically, artistically, philosophically, or what-have-you. Whether it's a stomping trance rendition of a hymn from the 1800's or a completely new musical arrangement that marries the sound from a Game Boy to the sound of jazz guitar, they’re all works of art born from diversity. We hope you will enjoy our art as much as we love creating said art.
Well, if you must know about our name we'd have to start with the concept of infinity. (Hold on to your hats kids, things are about to get philosophical.) In general, infinity is treated as if it is some sort of quantity, but really infinity is exactly the opposite of a single quantity or value, which (traditionally) has a beginning and an end. Infinity is a continuous motion and a never ending realization of what lies behind and what lies beyond. Therefore, positive infinity would be a continuous motion in an upward or forward direction. The name connotes a deeper connection between us, the artists, and what lies beyond us as artists. Our desire and drive to create this music and make these images comes from a place beyond our universe; a place beyond finite human language. There is the irrevocable pulse that lies beneath our skin. The rhythms, tones – the bleeding melodies that replenish the souls. Music is the only language you can speak in true universal unity. A oneness that speaks of a deeper, higher connection. This intrinsic predisposition of musical language extends to our innermost selves.