Positive Infinity

About - Modus Operandi
We record mostly at creative director Jonathan Robert's home studio in Miami, FL. However, for artists from around the world, and artists around the US who cannot directly join us in our studio, we accept recorded tracks, song parts, beats, MIDI rolls, LSDJ/Famitracker songs and the like. These guest artists may record in their own studio or place of residence and, granted the quality is acceptable, they can send us their contributions. We have also used other locations to record, but none figure in as prominently as Jon's studio, where all of the mastering and mixing is done.
We do not have a set schedule for recording. And as such, we meet at varied times: when feeling inspired, or when we are able to conveniently meet with guest artists. Since our members are not a closely knit "band," per se, we do not have set practice times either. When recording tracks, we rely on guest artists to bring their own compositions and instruments if they so desire. Scheduling of studio time is at the sole discretion of the creative director, who is also the head sound engineer. Very rarely will we perform live, but there have been sporadic live sessions and performances throughout the years.
We create this art as a form of communication. We are collaborating and mixing our artistic voices together to form a more complete picture of expression. It is for our enjoyment and enrichment, and hopefully it will have the same effect on the listener. Sure, we sell our music, but we hope that if you enjoy it you'll be kind enough to spend a few bucks to help us continue making our music. We have chosen to be an instrumental ensemble; we let our specific styles become our “voices” in the music. To get to know each of our styles, influences, and other information, you can visit the current artist roster and read more about each of us.
We use real instruments and digital instruments, and classically as well as not-so-classically trained artists. Our songs are all preformed in our studio (or elsewhere) by real human beings with great musical talent. We use physical hardware to produce our chip music; guitars for rocking out or serenading with strings; pianos for that classical or jazz sound; warm, crisp analog synthesizers; harmonicas, trumpets, mandolins, banjos, spoons, drums and the like. We try not to limit ourselves when it comes to making music. We also use softsynths, found sounds, samples, loops and the like. If you'd like to know more about our specific gear, check out the gear page. But remember, all of these methods and items are useless unless you have musicians with talent, and a desire to create, behind it all. Visit the current artist roster to read more about each of us.